Early Access Launch: State of the Game


Our team has been hard at work to bring you Alpha 2.0 of Battlecursed. The entire team would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone participating in Early Access. With your help, we will achieve our goal of creating a stellar game shaped by community feedback! Let’s dive in to what you can expect from today’s Alpha release version of Battlecursed.

The majority of our development time thus far has been put into the creation of a framework of artwork, tools, and game systems that allow us to rapidly deploy new content and iterate based on your feedback, and our goal is to implement new content based on your suggestions as quickly as possible.

When you play Battlecursed, you will experience gameplay that is a mix of designer created levels, randomized elements, and player choice. For example, after each dungeon, you choose your next path (all of which have varying rewards & difficulties), but choosing the same path each time may not always send you to the same area. In this way, you can expect different challenges each time you begin your adventure.

World Generation:  On launch day, you will be able to experience dozens of dungeons from Act I located underground; ancient ruins, caves, and sewers. You will notice that not all environments have made it to the ‘enhanced detail’ stage of development, so some may look and feel more barren than others.

Combat and Adventure:  The core of the combat system is implemented and functioning. You may use abilities to deal damage to enemies using first-person camera controls and aiming. The Heroes you choose will have two functioning active abilities with cooldowns. Passive effects and Ultimate abilities are not currently implemented.

Enemies have varying combat abilities/AI and will relentlessly pursue your Heroes. Basic units will use standard melee and ranged attacks with leader units utilizing special abilities. Not all status effects on the Heroes and enemies are currently implemented.

Persistent RPG and non-combat Adventure elements are not currently implemented. There are currently objectives in each dungeon that trigger the spawning of keys in order to unlock the portal to the next dungeon, but this system will be greatly expanded on as Early Access progresses.

Storytelling: On launch day, you will see none of the story of Battlecursed in game. Cinematics, voiceover, and lore collectibles and content are still to come. Our Lead Writer has prepared a brief introduction to the story here.

Heroes: You will be limited to choosing eight static Heroes from four class guilds with sixteen different active abilities; Grave Knight, Cleric, Elementalist, and Huntress. These Heroes will not die permanently during this phase of Early Access.

Bestiary: About a third of the enemy types are in the Act I content available on launch day. Enemies are fully animated, but only a few have special attacks and apply status effects to your Heroes. Enemies do not currently use group tactics or coordinated special attacks.  Boss encounters are still to come.

Gameplay Modes: In these earliest builds you will only be playing Adventure Mode, the primary experience in Battlecursed to progress through Acts I through IV while discovering the history of Pylandria and uncovering the dark enigma of Xelo Van’s power.

Reward Systems:  While you can open chests and receive rewards at the end of each dungeon, you do not currently have an inventory, so you can not store or equip items. You will find gold as you play, but it is not stored and cannot be spent. The Town is locked, so the functionality for obtaining persistent upgrades is not yet implemented.

We are committed to being transparent with the Early Access community at all times and in all respects: from our development progress, current state of the game, and most importantly, your feedback. All types of feedback and suggestions are welcome and encouraged!

From Game Director, Dexter Chow:

Welcome to our journey to create an ARPG in an immersive dungeon crawling environment. We have an expansive world in Pylandria that is unveiled over dozens of adventures in our game and we are working on leaderboards to give bragging rights to the players who are worthy of legendary tales.  You can reach me through the forums, we are always looking for help testing and supporting our game.  

You can always check on the latest development progress on our Roadmap for a quick overview on the status of features you are most looking forward to. We will update the Roadmap frequently and will be expanding on it in much greater detail over the coming weeks.

Please check out the Battlecursed Blog, our Community Forums, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to us on Steam to stay up-to-date with us.


Tips and Tricks:

  • Press G at any time in game to pause and read the descriptions for each of your Heroes’ abilities.

  • Some abilities require you to hold the mouse button to charge and release to fire (Explosive Sphere, Snipe) or continuously hold to sustain (Dragon Breath).

  • Don’t forget to use health potions! Select an active Hero to heal and use the Shift key to consume a health potion.

  • Every dungeon has an objective (or two) that will spawn a key to unlock the portal when completed. Keys may spawn in places you have already been, so you may need to retrace your steps!

  • Players can always get the game controller instructions by pausing the game (Esc) and selecting “Instructions”.  We support both Keyboard/Mouse and PC Controllers.


Some Known Issues:

  • Damage numbers are not always rounded on your Hero portraits, you may occasionally see multiple numbers past the decimal point.

  • Occasionally, when starting the game, the first-person camera will not respond to mouse movement. This is almost always caused by another device such joysticks, gamepads, and VR devices. In most cases, restarting the game will fix the issue. However, you may need to disable or unplug the other devices.