Early Access Launch: The Road Ahead


Check out the State of the Game if you haven’t already. This update will cover a very brief summary of what you should expect in the coming months. We are a team with ambitious ideas, yet realistic expectations. Everything included here is part of our original vision for Battlecursed with room to modify the game based on community feedback.

As Early Access progresses, we will keep you informed of any changes to this vision based on the size of the community and the feedback that we receive.

World Generation:  Each Act contains its own unique environments. Act I (exemplified in Early Access) is an underground series of caves, ruins, and sewers. Act II allows you to explore an abandoned dwarven stronghold that you may have seen glimpses of in the Early Access trailer.

As each unique environment enters in to the ‘enhanced detail’ phase, you will notice your surroundings becoming more immersive and alive with the inclusion of environmental objects, lore discoveries, enhanced foliage, and more!

Combat and Adventure:  This is one of the areas that we hope to gather as much of your feedback as possible. Combat in Battlecursed needs to be fun, engaging, and rewarding. We will be making constant adjustments to ability cooldowns, damage output, monster stats, monster abilities, and rewards to balance the challenge of gameplay with the satisfaction of ongoing progress in the adventure.

Enemy behavior will evolve throughout Early Access. As we implement advanced enemy AI, enemies will begin to use various tactics with new abilities not yet revealed in the game.

In addition, we will begin to implement Adventure elements through scripted events and encounters, traps, puzzles, hidden passageways, and more.

Storytelling:  The story of Battlecursed will be told through 2D animated cinematics within each Act, voice over, collectible objects, and lore unlocks. You will be rewarded lore pages of varying rarity that you can use to complete books within the Library. A completed lore book will contain information about Pylandria, its history and denizens, religions, magic and metaphysics, class guilds, and forbidden knowledge.

Heroes:  We will fully implement the Heroes that are currently playable, their remaining abilities, all passives, and their class Ultimate ability. Once the Town is functioning, you will be able to recruit new, randomized mercenary Heroes to your party with their own unique combinations of abilities. You will need to hire wisely. When a Hero dies, they die forever. As you level up each class Guild, you will unlock special bonuses that make the Heroes of that class more effective.

You can already vote on the next Hero you would like to see in game.  Cast your vote here!

Bestiary:  We will be adding variations to current enemies, with unique special abilities and visual differences. Animations will be tweaked and polished to make enemies feel more life-like. Additional enemy types will be added in later Acts. Mini boss and monster boss encounters are still to come.

Gameplay Modes:  In addition to Adventure Mode, we will be implementing unique named encounters in Survival Mode. You will be able to equip and customize their party before trying for a top spot on the Leaderboard for each individual encounter. We have designed an additional gameplay mode, but you will have to stay tuned to find out what that is!

Reward Systems:  Some dungeons will have pre-determined rewards that you can see in the path selection, rewarding you for selecting more challenging paths. Throughout each dungeon, you will be able to strategize your path to gold and glory, items, and lore pages.

Throughout play you will discover Legendary items that will be housed in the Museum. You will be able to spend gold in order to use these items during future adventures and further customize the loadout of your party. You will be able to spend gold and glory to unlock upgrades for your settlement and class guilds as well.

Early Access, done right, is a unique opportunity to shape a game that we all want to play, and your support and participation are crucial to that end.

Thank you for your vote of confidence in our vision for Battlecursed.  The Codex Worlds team is excited to share our hard work and progress over the coming months, so stay tuned!

Don’t forget to check on the status of your favorite features on our Roadmap.

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