Story Introduction from Battlecursed's Lead Writer

Greetings, all!

My name is Ed Kaczynski, and I’m the Lead Writer at Codex Worlds. Battlecursed’s Early Access will give you, the player, a unique role within the world of Pylandria.

A millennia has passed since the March of 1000 Heroes and the Battle of the Nightmare Fortress. Though the horror of the usurper Xelo Van has long since passed into myth and legend, the Northern Kingdom, once hale and prosperous, is now little more than a blasted waste, filled with a corruption known as The Rot.

Though his body was destroyed, Xelo Van’s spirit lingered, feeding like a leech off the land’s energy. Through dark ritual, he has been reconstituted as the Lich Lord. During his century-long resurrection, he has mustered his forces, gathering his strength, raising the dead and forging alliances with fell monsters. A call to arms has been issued to the land’s heroes to stop him before it is too late, as his full immeasurable power will be attained through a ritual of true resurrection.

The leaders of Sanctuary, the sole remaining human settlement and seat of power for the Church of Divine Light, seeks to end this new war before it begins. Recruiting heroes from all corners of the world, champions are sought to find and destroy the Lich Lord before he and his worshippers can complete the ritual and return him to a state of true life. These warriors hold the destiny of the world in their hands, key players at a moment in time that would spell the fate of Pylandria.

The Curator, a mysterious being of immense power, senses within you a fate not yet written and has sent you back in time to guide these champions. You must help them defeat Xelo Van before he can bring himself back – to prevent the disastrous future his victory would ensure.

Pylandria is a land rich with history, lore, myths, and legends. Players collect pieces of this history in the form of lost codices that chronicle the land’s history and portend what may transpire. Join Early Access to see the game and story come together. Contribute your ideas to help shape the destiny of Pylandria.