One thousand years ago, Pylandria was plunged into chaos.

At the end of the third era, the false counselor, Xelo Van, usurped the throne and murdered his king. Supported by a dark alliance of monsters, outcasts, and traitors, he sought only to serve his own endless desires. Drawing arcane power from dark, unknown sources, his blood-fueled reign was challenged by scores of heroes, seeking to topple the despot from his stolen throne.


After a climactic, final battle, Xelo Van was defeated…though not without cost. The heroes who challenged him lay blighted and dying. The kingdom he stole was shattered and cursed. Though dead and beaten, the legacy of Xelo Van would live on – the fallen Northern Kingdom forever serving as a reminder of the consequences of unchecked ambition. A steady – but fragile – peace settled over the land.

Until now.

Now, the Lich Lord Xelo Van has risen from the grave to begin his war anew. Wielding dark magic, his monstrous allies and undead armies have returned to tear Pylandria apart. Only the descendants of those heroes, hailing from an era past, can end the foul corruption of the Lich Lord.

Who will survive the trials of the Lich Lord and be worthy to face him? Who will stand to help save the world?