Faith. Devotion. Justice. These are the sentiments that drive the clerical order. But for a dwarf, coming from a long line of drinking, skull cracking, and general distrust of all things magical, joining such an order belies a whole new level of devotion. What impetus exists to cause such a person to throw in with the church and cut ties to any past life? A steeled determination, perhaps desperation, to stem the tide of darkness ravaging the land? Maybe he just thinks he looks good in sacred vestments. Regardless of motivation or faith, his divine powers are self-evident.

Grave Knight

While other shield-bearing warriors duck behind their flimsy discs of wood and metal, hoping to avoid the ever-looming fatal blow that heralds their end, the Grave Knight welcomes death as a trusted ally. Be it from a desire for vengeance or simply a lust for power, this fearsome knight has bargained with dark forces beyond comprehension in exchange for terrifying power. Seemingly undying, the Grave Knight endures blow after blow, long after other men would’ve fallen, and feeds on the strength of his enemies to fuel his unholy wrath. The only thing darker than the Grave Knight’s armor is the howling void that once contained his mortal soul. Others run from death; the Grave Knight runs with it.


Prowess with a bow is not a gift that comes attached to a pointed set of ears. It’s a skill that comes from years of practice. The grace of Elven ancestry may make stalking prey easier, but it’s experience that teaches her how to find that prey. Shrouded beneath cloak and leathers, she has no need or desire to be recognized as anything other than someone who can get the job done. If actions speak louder than words, the Hunter screams one thing alone: capable.



Elves have always shown an aptitude with magic. Even from childhood, elves display a natural affinity with the manipulation of the elements in tune with the natural world around them. Very few elves show the absolute mastery of the Elementalist, controlling magic and manifesting it into its destructive natural elements. Only so much can be learned from books and universities, however, and those seeking to unravel the higher mysteries of the arcane must venture beyond the safety of home and brave the depths where long-lost knowledge is hidden away, waiting for one competent enough to revive it.